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Choose from the award-winning Carrot Cake or savour a slither of our wide variety of indulgent Cheesecakes for any birthday occasion, be it for a colleague, family member or friend! We are cake specialists for both the young & the old & we know how to create a deliciously memorable experience that will put a smile on everyone’s face!

We only require 12 hours notice to prepare a Bakers Basket of your choice, however if you need your sweet fix on the same day, we can arrange for same day pick-up from one of our Lime Tree Cafes.

Please see below our Summer menu, but for any particular favorites please don't hesitate to contact the team.

Cakes (like the big ones we do in the cafe!)
The Lime Tree Carrot Cake
We hope you are hungry! This double layered cake is superbly moist & topped with a delicious cream cheese icing. 
AED 335
Coconut & Prune Pudding Cake - NEW
Great served warmed for pudding with Vanilla ice cream - this comes with a separate home-made caramel sauce for you to drizzle over just before serving.... 
AED 310
Orange Lightening Cake - NEW
Made with fresh oranges & topped with Mascarpone & orange soaked golden sultana's 
AED 310
Rich Chocolate Cake with Gooey Salted Caramel
An indulgent dark chocolate cake with a layer of chocolate ganache, drizzled wtih gooey salted caramel 
AED 395
Sicilian Apple Cake
Our apple cake is packed with spiced apples, golden sultana's & toasted walnuts. Wonderful tea cake, but stunning when warmed & served with a dollop of fresh cream, yoghurt - or ice-cream..... great as a pudding cake 
AED 310
Wildberry Citrus Cake - GLUTEN FREE
A luscious double layered cake made with real berries making it a beautiful deep berry colour & topped with cream cheese frosting. Rumoured to rival our carrot cake! 
AED 335
Pear & Chocolate Cake - GLUTEN FREE
An elegant cake, garnished with roasted apples - wonderful enjoyed with tea & coffee & delicious as a pudding served warm with ice cream or fresh cream 
AED 295
Hummingbird Cake
A stunning cake - with pineapples, bananas & hazelnuts, layered with a zesty butter cream frosting 
AED 310
Mint Chocolate Chip Cake NEW
A rich chocolate cake fully covered with a mint cream frosting packed with chunks of dark chocolate - yum! 
AED 310
Apple & Cinnamon Cake - GLUTEN FREE
A lovely spiced cinnamon & apple cake topped with roasted apples. Great afternoon tea cake enjoyed over a coffee - or we love it served warm as a pudding with ice-cream or yoghurt 
AED 295
Chocolate Sand Dune Cake
A rich chocolate cake filled with a layer of dark chocolate custard & covered with chocolate crumbs - it looks just a like a chocolate sand dune! 
AED 310
Pistachio Cake - GLUTEN FREE
Light & delicious - this is a double layer cake topped with a lemon & ginger cream cheese frosting - perfect when enjoyed with a cup of coffee or tea!! 
AED 310
Tiramisu Cake - GLUTEN FREE NEW
A stunning new Gluten Free cake - this is a chocolate cake drizzled with espresso & layered with mascarpone (3 layers!!) 
AED 330

Baked Cheesecakes
Banana & Peanut Praline Crunch
AED 335
Lime & White Chocolate Cheesecake
Topped with curls of white chocolate & lime zest 
AED 330

Slices & Brownies
Triple Chocolate Brownie - 12 Slices
The ultimate indulgence - big chunks of white, milk & dark chocolate mixed into a fudgy brownie. Great served warm with ice cream! 
AED 305
Chocolate & Coconut Crunch - 12 Slices
A chocolate biscuit crust topped with chocolate butter cream & coconut shards 
AED 210
Wholemeal Ginger Crunch - 12 Slices
A traditional favourite - a wholemeal crunchy base with a fresh ginger icing 
AED 230
Arabian Date & Almond Slice- 12 Slices
A delicious combination caramelised dates sprinkled with toasted almonds 
AED 260

Our Mini Cakes
Mini Banana Cakes - 24 pieces
Traditional banana cake with whipped banana frosting 
AED 195
Mini Carrot Cakes - 24 Pieces
Lime Tree's traditional carrot cake - only smaller! 
AED 195
Mini Chocolate Cakes - 24 Pieces
These dainty classic chocolate cakes are topped with a chocolate ganache  
Nut Free  
AED 195


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Availability of Our Retail Range

At the Lime Tree we like to offer our customers a variety of goodies in our retail range. This means that you should notice a changing selection of biscuits, crackers, cookies and other homemade items each time you visit us.

From time to time, it may also mean that the retail item you order online is out of stock. If that’s the case, we will let you know when we receive your order. Depending on how soon you need the item and our capacity at the time, we will either make a fresh batch for you or suggest a similar and equally tasty alternative.

Please note that for hamper orders, we require 24 hours notice for one to five hampers, and 72 hours for more than five hampers.

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