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Easily order your catering & party platters from the options below. Add to your cart, pay online and choose delivery or collection. A few helpful tips to help you order:


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All our catering boxes contain 24 pieces of the flavour. 

We recommend around 7 pieces per guest depending on the length of your event. 

Last minute event, order by 6pm for next day delivery.



For Events, Launches, Office Meetings, Corporate Gatherings, Cocktail Parties & PR Events CLICK HERE to view our full range of menus..

  • Consider how long your event is.

  • We would always suggest 4-5 savory choices per guest, & 2 sweet. depending on the type of event.

  • For longer functions & evenings - as these are all bite size - you need to consider 6-8 pieces of food per guest.

  • 1 box of food for 15-20 guests.  

  • For 25 & above guests we suggest 2 orders of the same box - especially if you think it might be popular.  To ensure your guests all get at least 1 piece per person.

To help you plan your catering...
Order Online Here

Place your catering order by 6PM today for delivery tomorrow . 


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