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sustainability & our environmental initiatives

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Environmental packaging was a
priority for us from the outset in 2001.


Recycling, acting responsibly & sourcing biodegradable & environmental
options are what we’re all about! Proactively working to reduce plastic pollution has long been a focus of ours.


Our Progress so far...

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* Our takeaway cutlery is made from bamboo & always has been.Did you know bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet!

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Our coffee & tea is 100% organic To avoid pesticides & avoid dangerous chemical residue,

WE ONLY USE FAIRTRADE TEA & COFFEE To ensure support for the hard working farmers & their families who grow these wonderful products. Both of our Tea and Coffee suppliers support communities & charities in both Ethiopia & Sri Lanka.

About our Coffee - BOON


Growing Region
Southern, Sidama Zone

Processing Method
Washed/Wet Process

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Botanical Species

Genetic Varietals
Native Ethiopian Heirloom

1600- 1900 Meters

Cupping Notes
Sidamo is a single origin, wet processed coffee from the Sidama Zone, in the Southern highlands of Ethiopia. The coffee is roasted medium, giving it its balanced, smooth and rich flavour profile. It features a spicy, fine herbal and floral aromatic, with notes of citrus fruits & a hint of berries. 

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