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Our Provisions Store began when customers constantly asked us for the 'yummy jam' we had served with their toast, or the 'delicious chutney' they had in their sandwich that day, or could they take home some of our Lime Tree Organic Coffee Beans & our own Nutty Toasted Muesli. So we started to make it!


Now our range is huge, from our cookies, seeded crackers & other tasty treats to our own designed bamboo boards,

spoons, aprons & linen napkins. We even have special little items such as baking kits, hand-iced biscuits

& homemade cookies for the little ones.


 We now get asked, to send them to friends & family& work colleagues as gifts & hampers.

The thing is we love it!!


Our cookie department is now a team, baking, icing, toasting daily & our products go far & wide.  


Our customers now grab them for themselves during their visits to the stores as part of their weekly grocery stop. These delicious treats & kitchen products are available to order in larger quantities, simply browse online below or contact the team on 04 325 6325 or email

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