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The Lucky Birthday Winners!

Cake illustation - coloured -20.tif
Cake illustation - coloured -20.tif

Thank you to everyone who celebrated our birthday with us, we wouldn't have made it to 20 years without you!

We had some exciting things going on in our cafes, from growing your own lime tree with our sustainability Sunday seeds to happy hour Tuesdays with 20% off all our food. 

The most exciting of all were the competitions, with so many chances to win, Winning Wednesday, How Many Limes In the Jar and of course our goody bag finale.

If you missed our Instagram announcements with the winners here's your total round up of all the competitions and winners. Check if your name is there!


Find the Hidden Limes on our IG Post

Winner - Jules Haughey
Capture - lime.PNG

Lime Tree Moments 
Thank you to everyone who shared their lovely moments with us. It was hard to choose the winner of the 1000dhs catering voucher! 

Winner - XXXX

Guess the Limes in the Jar

Capture - lime.PNG
Capture - balloon 2.PNG
Capture - balloon 1.PNG
No one guessed exactly, some of you were way off! here are the Winners with the closest answers. 

Jumeirah - Alastair Baldock 
Sheikh Zayed Road - Tanya Ellis
Springs Souk - Maria Scanlan
Al Quoz - Barry Haggis 
Motor city - Selda Gulkaya
Depachika, Nakheel Mall - Raed Nawaf 
Town Square - Caren Jerrera
Capture - lime.PNG
Cake illustation - coloured -20.tif

Goody Bag Finale
Thank you to everyone who dropped  their names in for the draw, here are your winners for each cafe. 

Capture - lime.PNG
Capture - balloon 3.PNG
Jumeirah - Kelly Harvarde, Katy taylor, Claudia Socea, Phillipa, Helen mercer, Sanja George, Rowan Hesham, Debi Pomeroy, Valentina Helen Potter 
Sheikh Zayed Road - Maha Fakhoury, Nafeesa Chiba, Sara Prince, Jocelyn Viernes, Sara hewitt, Clare may, Theresa Tsui, Kaytimm Ermans, Beba Hamati
Springs Souk - Eugenia Cobrel, Charlene Cuddihy, Anna di Salvo, Monica Mukherjee, Michael Cross, Gunes Chowdhury, Ignacio Sanchez, Sinead, Lucy Eldred, Rooli
Al Quoz -  Stephanie Victoria, Marielle, Taskeen Moolla, Felipe Gutierrez, Jennifer Hernan, Paul Holder, Janine Gibbs, Imsha Jawad, Ana May Maelquit, Peter Snellgrove
Motor city - Terrie, Rio, natalie Scott, karen Cook, Keith Stronach, Brian Cunningham, laura Dingle, Natalie Ledger, Loralie Jumalon, Neethu Emil
Depachika, Nakheel Mall - George H, Dan, DaISY hAGGAS, cHARLENE tUCKLEY, cARLA mATOON, pIA LUNDBAEK
Town Square - joy, janer lopez, kuzie, Jessica brown, Christopher kinsley, Jean Warren, Amy Fisher, Kristina Pluckrose, Derek Smart, Therese Cordew

Winning Wednesday lucky Draws 

Week 1

Jumeirah -  Abdhulla Gihazi
Sheikh Zayed Road - Natasha Hatherall-Shawe 
Al Quoz - Rishi Bhansari 
Motor city - Gavin Davis 
Depachika, Nakheel Mall - Charbel Salameh 
Town Square - Grace Sakamoto 
Springs Souk - Pascale Daher 

Week 2

Jumeirah -  Mariam 
Sheikh Zayed Road - Craig Hein 
Al Quoz - Nasab Khalife
Motor city - Syed Haider 
Depachika, Nakheel Mall - Linda Leong  
Town Square - Tholosh 
Springs Souk - Denibsa

Week 4

Jumeirah - Catherine Harper 

Sheikh Zayed Road - Danny Horseman

AL Quoz - Fabinola Salinas 

Motor City - Theresa du Toit

Depachika, Nakheel Mall - Jack Kirsry 

Town Sqiare - Chris Doherty

Springs Souk - Fatima 

Week 3

Jumeriah - Julie Bonollo 

Sheikh Zayed Road - Adelina 

Al Quoz - Mikki Farrugia 

Motor City - Tatiyana Sapatshka 

Depachika, Nakheel Mall - Mathilde Nebouy 

Town Square - Craig Macklin 

Springs Souk - Freyja 

Week 5

Jumeirah - Bipin Sharma

Sheikh Zayed Road - Mariam

AL Quoz - Sandra Koeler 

Motor City - Andrew 

Depachika, Nakheel Mall -Julie 

Town Square - Aliya Abbas 

Springs Souk - Julie - Anne Griffin 

Capture - balloon 1.PNG
Cake illustation - coloured -20.tif
Capture - lime.PNG
Capture - lime.PNG
Capture - balloon 2.PNG
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