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freshly baked whole cakes & slices

Our specialised bakery team are dedicated to preparing delicious creations daily,

the traditional way like Grandma used to do, from scratch, with whole fresh ingredients.


Devilish chocolate cakes, heavenly baked cheesecakes & fruit loaded sensations to scrumptious

slices & Gluten Free treats, check out what's in our oven today...



pre-order & pay for your whole cake with the catering department

48 hours in advance & receive 5% discount

click & order below

freshly baked whole cakes & Tarts


the items in this section are priced for 12 pieces

did you know you can purchase whole cakes, muffins & slices at any one of our  4 cafes...
simply pop in & see what we baked that morning!

for our full range of whole cakes, cheesecakes muffins and slices call us on 04 325 6325

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